If hell does exist, there are so many scientists there that it’s probably air conditioned by now.

  • TotallyNotPax

    I’m already going to Hell, now I’m just trying to get a good spot.
    Edit: What happens when (according to Dante’s Inferno) you belong in multiple levels of Hell?

    • perthaussieguy

      I guess you get sent to the worst one for 2 x forever 😉

      • Cayne

        I think you are right though. in Dante’s inferno it was a progression. the farther down the more severe the crime/punishment, from Limbo to treachery, so regardless of your minor transgressions it is the severe that you reap the rewards for.

    • James of the Alternative Fact

      I want to know this too. I’m pretty sure Trump has a spot in each level. Do they like, share custody? “Ok Wrath, you get him Tuesday nights and Thursdays. Lust, Friday night, Saturday morning! Sloth, all day Sunday!”

    • Garrus Vakarian

      they probs just slice your soul in half, quarters, and so on

  • Raedwulf

    If a scientist is Atheist, does he/she go to hell? He doesn’t believe in one, that should eliminate the other.
    (All scientists are not Atheist, Op kind of suggests they are)

    Me? I want to be Bjorn again

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