3…2…1… HIT IT

  • TotallyNotPax

    Waddle like a penguin season, my favorite.

  • Inaba

    i walked the icy streets of helsinki with a switch in my bag
    that thing is so wide, if you fall on it; it’ll split like a wooden board in karate class

  • sniz_and_fondue
    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Mannnn, that is sooo how it happens. I have a pair of the same boots myself which I wore today cause it’s damn cold here right now in Houston (bought them as winter boots), and seeing the heel irons in the photo there reminded me that those boots SUCK when walking on slick surfaces, had to walk on some linoleum tile and almost pulled a Hammerzeit myself! So take it from first-had experience, don’t walk on ice with jackboots, unless they got the hobnails, but if it’s just heel irons, you’re ironically playing with fire.

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