Illusion: 100

  • Shai Hulud

    ok but doesn’t the wide spread circulation of this kinda fuck this dude?

  • Haze1nut

    He provided UFC all the evidence they need, to sue him for everything he’s got. Good for him. I read on another site that he made like $30k from the clicks and donations that night, and the last time i can remember UFC sued someone it was that gym owner who screened a fight for around 20 people and they were awarded $100k, so those $30k are going to come in handy. Assuming twitch, who has already banned his account, releases whatever funds were generated from the views on his stream. But at least he got some laughs.

    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Yep, dude thinks hes slick, he ain’t got a clue.

    • Ara Raven

      We don’t generate funds from clicks or views. We make money through direct tips to our personal bank accounts, through monthly subscriptions to our channels, or through a process called cheering, where users buy things called bits and then give them to streamers through chat interaction. Both subscriptions and bits come to us already divided, with Twitch’s cut having already been subtracted. Tips don’t go through Twitch at all, and Twitch can’t touch them. His account was banned because he violated the Terms of Service regarding proprietary or copyrighted content. He will get his payout for bits and subscriptions at the same time he normally would, since Twitch’s legal agreements are only for termination for violating ToS, not fining.

      Probably won’t be the end of his Twitch career. That level of quality suggests affiliate, not partner, so he can just make a new account and re-qualify. I can’t speak for what the UFC people will do to him though.

      • Cayne

        Ara can you post a link to your stream in here so we can pop in and say Hi sometime?

      • Haze1nut

        I have no idea what twitch is since i had never heard of it but just read ‘donations’ along with ‘The advertising revenue generated by visitors to your channel viewing and clicking on ads will be shared between you and Twitch and paid out by Twitch to your PayPal account’. Paid out by twitch means twitch pays out. After shaving their cut off. As for your ‘fining’ and ‘ToS’, and ‘end of twitch career’ statements, yeah you dont know the UFC. Theyre as protective of their things as apple is of theirs. And theyre going to make a go at not only him, but twitch as well. Which according to, is owned by amazon. Amazon is going to make every effort possible to distance themselves from this, including, most likely, a permanent ban and paying out the least amount possible, from wherever they can get it. Youre the internet lawyer here, but their legal agreements don’t say they CANT recoup money lost, from him, do they? Hell he may end up getting sued by 2 companies. Yeah his ‘twitch career’ is all but over.

        • Ara Raven

          We’re protected that way by our legal agreements we sign when we start earning money, and so are they. They can’t be held responsible for the content of an affiliate, and they can end their arrangement with an affiliate at any time, i.e. ban their account. And looking at all his stuff, I’m sure he was only an affiliate, not a partner. Partners are held responsible for all actions they take that involve Twitch as they are considered representatives of the platform as a whole. Affiliates are somewhat like contractors, independent people who have been allowed to use the Twitch platform, but expressly legally do NOT represent Twitch in any way. Affiliates also don’t have ads show on their accounts, only partners do. So Twitch and therefore Amazon don’t have any legal routes the UFC lawyers could follow to get money from them. This isn’t the first time this has happened, after all. And Twitch only bans accounts, not IPs.

  • Я Безымянный

    I’d have pardon him for the idea. It was stupid, but damn creative.

  • clok

    Err, this is not new.. every UFC PPV event somebody does this.. I used to watch (research) them all (last one i did like this was maybe 2 months ago) KODI and sportsdevil is easier now. Do a search on new lieve streams when PPV is on and just look for it.. they like to call it UFC something or other (normally wont be the actual fight name) streamed.. of course this is all for research , i do not condone it.

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