Australia makes same-sex marriage legal, so it’s a pretty fabulous day downunder.

  • pea ness

    Faggot scum

    • Ara Raven

      Yikes, that’s a bit much, don’t you think?

      • Trevor ‘Dork’ Kroeger

        Yes, they prefer cunt to scum.

    • Andre Poreskin

      It’s ok… You shouldn’t have such a negative self image.

      • Richard Rejmer

        Negative images are just positive images generated by people who are travelling backwards in time. . . Simple quantum physics.

        • Andre Poreskin

          Ha, nice…

    • That Guy

      Seems awfully aggressive coming from a guy who love me the dick so much he put it as his screen name.

      Sounds like you’re jealous

    • Vladislav Richter
    • The People’s Poet

      I too dislike the accumulation of scum on my stick bundles. I find that if you place them off the ground, perhaps on logs or maybe hanging them from the wall/ceiling, you will not have to worry about faggot scum anymore.

    • Dennisch

      It’s time to come out of that closet.

    • sniz_and_fondue

      It’s “Rebel Scum” ya noob…

  • NotMyName

    Good on ya Aussies! Congrats!

  • Andre Poreskin

    Isn’t it always fabulous, down under? Iykwim 😉

  • Johnny Alpha

    Is the ‘Taxi Club’ still going in Sydney – last time I was there a ‘lumberjack’ dwarf tried to get me to go home with him – nurses to the rescue!!

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