Some people play games for the challenge, some for the story. There’s no shame in the way you play so long as you’re enjoying it.

  • perthaussieguy

    Yup, sounds like me on Counter-Strike. My son made it possible for me to have good sniper rifles/machine guns and the terrorists only have knives.
    I still lost sometimes though 🙁

    • Vladislav Richter

      I remember those days I had skillz to go with a knife against noobs with sniper rifles…

      • perthaussieguy

        I never played on-line but if I had …. I would have been the ‘Noob with the sniper’

    • Johnny Alpha

      Re-playing Baldurs Gate with pre-saved weaponry – kin’ awesome !!

    • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

      You OP awpin noobz!!

    • Christie

      play on playa

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I usually do my first run-through with easy/normal difficulty so that I can pay attention to the story. But, the second play through is on normal/hard, so I can pay attention to the gameplay

  • Ara Raven

    My husband plays games for the full game experience, and so does his first run through on normal mode. I play for story, so if there’s an easy mode, that’s what I hit and I never look back.

  • RaddClaw

    Me too, is that a bad thing?, some videogames are pieces of art and you get to enjoy them like nothing else, some especially when they are not exactly a hard challenge, I remember when I got Assasins Creed: Black Flag, I found so enjoyable to sail into the ocean with a beautiful landscape while singing pirate songs… one of the many games I enjoyed for the story and/or the graphics

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