Because pets are awesome.

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  • TotallyNotPax

    My brother’s dog (aptly named Grendel) is an 85+ pound labrador… If I had a choice of leaving him behind in a disaster, or carrying him out on my shoulders I’d carry him out.

    • perthaussieguy

      Yes, that size would be a bit of a monster 🙂

    • sniz_and_fondue

      I love all dogs; but it’s the reason I own two small ones. Well that and the hell with cleaning up more dog shit than I really have to.

      • lizziesmama

        I hear you! I have a dachshund. I love all dogs but I love that he can cuddle up on me and I can still breathe. Also, his poops aren’t humongous.

      • TotallyNotPax

        I like wrestling with dogs, so I can’t get a small dog, plus I’d probably step on one in the middle of the night

    • Johnny Alpha

      I could not physically carry my dog and run – she’s a solid 80kgs, slightly heavier than me

      I would hope that we run together

      • Raedwulf

        Ride him out then

    • TotallyNotPax
  • Ara Raven

    I worry about my cats and disasters. If they get scared, they are going to hide and NOT move, and there are several situations I can think of where taking the time to drag them out of their hiding places could prove fatal to me AND them.

    My dog is fine. She would literally walk through fire to me if I called her to do so. She good.

  • The People’s Poet

    I love animals, and were I able to have pets, I would. However, and hate me if you like, I am more important to myself than my pets would be. Not that I wouldn’t try to scoop them up if they are on the way to the exit, but I wouldn’t waste time searching the house for them.

    If it came to other humans, were they related to me or friends, I would attempt to assist them.

    If it came to humans who are not my family or friends..I honestly don’t know. I would like to think I would still attempt to save them, but no-one really knows how they will react in a situation until they are put in that situation.

    • Train Driver

      Thank you for being a voice of reason. People first, always. There is no comparison.

      • Cayne

        I hate people. family and pets are on the same level for me and I know my parents think the same of their animals. all other bipeds can fend for themselves

        • Train Driver

          Awful. Just an awful outlook on life.

          • Cayne

            never been screwed over by a pet. never felt hatred for a pet. people. people are gigantic d-bags. just turn on the TV let alone pick a day in my life… not with animals. never with animals

    • FFrost

      A lot of the evacuations that people leave pets behind for are done in advance, like hurricanes. In those situations, they have time to collect their animals and bring them with them. The car/truck or whatever they are traveling in may be crowded, but it is an evacuation and not a road trip.

      But if it was an immediate evacuation due to imminent danger, then as sad as I would be to do it, pets would come second. Though my dog would be right behind me if I was up and running so no fear there.

  • Zoe Isabeau Graves

    some pet owners are not allowed to return home if they were at work during an evacuation.

    • Gnome Anne

      Try and stop me from getting my animal. I dare them. I’d be more dangerous than any disaster.

  • Mister_B_Posters

    Dat face tho… And the dog.

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