Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and “I can’t see when you turn the light on in the car”

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  • http://parkstad24.nl/ editorial office

    wel its illegal … if the car is moving

    • sniz_and_fondue

      I checked California laws, at least not here…

      • Johnny Alpha

        Here in France it’s only legal if you’re checking they’re still breathing?

  • Name_Unknown

    As an adult….I have absolutely no problem seeing when that light is on.

  • clok

    Not illegal in an state as far as i know (in the US). its a bit like cell phone users, its been proven most are worse or as bad as Drunk drivers in several tests, yet they are allowed. Its also been tested its harder to see object on road in dark when you have light source in the car. Of course there are people who can talk just fine on a cell phone and the same with the light.. the problem is they are the MINORITY and we are a suborn bunch and would kill somebody to try prove we are right.

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