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  • Amber Mari

    Cool! Now u can have turtle soup!

    • Daniel Emberton

      are you going to fight the turtle!?

      • seth clammy

        i can’t even say what kind of weapon would be enough to fight that huge and scary looking thing and win

      • Amber Mari

        you just pick it up by the tail.

        • Johnny Alpha

          the head looks scary, like I’m going near its arse!

          • Amber Mari

            It can’t bite you if you hold your arm out and hold it by the tail. It literally can’t bend its stomach.

      • BearnieZardoz

        These things must have once migrated from Australia!

      • Von Der Tann

        well…. it doesn’t look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

  • Inaba

    fish isnt having a good day

  • Romance Explosion!

    Alligator Snapper. I used to have a turtle pen full of them when I was a kid. Mean little shits, but easy to not get bit if you know how to pick them up properly. It was fun to see how thick of a stick they could bite in half.

    I was a strange kid.

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