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  • m4a4

    Wait? This is a debate?
    It would be like comparing a light navy ship vs a speed boat.

    • Andre Poreskin

      First I’ve heard. The more confusing one I’ve heard is Q vs. Palpatine. Like srsly? Q would just remove Palpatine from all existence.

      • Aidan Weiss-Rice

        I haven’t heard either of those, but they both seem to be finished before they’ve even started

  • The People’s Poet

    Star Trek is Sci-Fi…Star Wars is Fantasy….Stop comparing them <.<

    • Robinator

      Which Replicators?

      • The People’s Poet

        Yes. Seriously, the Milky Way Replicators would be a handful, but the Pegasus Galaxy Humanoid-Replicators would trounce them.

        • Johnny Alpha

          I’ll raise you an ROU (Rapid Offensive Unit) from the Culture

          edit: Read any Iain M Banks novel

  • Severin Parra

    An entire empirical armada couldn’t defeat the millennium falcon. Sometimes having the biggest or most guns isn’t what’s important in a battle.

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