But he was telling the truth…

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  • Mym Zy

    Badumm tsk!

  • Sullenman

    Looks at eyebrows. Yep, checks out.

  • FFrost

    Why is the reporter homophobic? Because he asked what it’s like being a gay athlete? how is that homophobic?

    • The People’s Poet

      Silly person. Everyone who is not gay is homophobic. Don’t you watch the news or visit social media?

    • Johnny Alpha

      because why would that be important?
      Alan Turing, the father of modern computing, killed himself after being convicted of ‘gross indecency’ and accepting chemical castration to a prison term.
      It wasn’t in the ‘public interest’ what he chose to do with his willy with a consenting adult, what would have been in the public interest would be that he’d been left alone to continue his research.

      • FFrost

        Is it sexist when people ask me what it’s like being a man in the nursing field? Is it racist to ask someone what it’s like being a black person in a specific field? Their race isn’t important, but it is still asked about in interviews because they may have had a different experience because of their race. It may not be important, but it could be something that has had an effect. Maybe he was bullied because he was gay. I think calling it homophobic is a bit extreme. He isn’t being accusatory or belittling, just curious. It is something that is a part of his identity and people are curious. Turing’s story is completely different. He wasn’t being interviewed and asked how his experience was different being gay. He was truly persecuted and punished for his lifestyle. Completely different than just asking if being gay affected his experience.

        • Johnny Alpha

          Some valid points here…..but, until people’s sexuality (or race/religion) has become a non-story, reporting on it will only perpetuate phobias and isms.

          • FFrost

            I agree that it shouldn’t be something we care about. Him being gay shouldn’t be important. I’m not sure about perpetuating phobias, because those are typically deep seeded and typically unchangeable. But isms for sure. People like to put others in boxes to make it easier for them to understand, especially when they are different from themselves. We want to know if being gay made a difference in his life, other than who he dates. If his homosexuality did affect his career, I think it is something that is ok to have a dialog about. Like that football player, not sure of his name, who came out and was basically black balled. His experience was changed because he was gay and I think that is something that should be discussed. I think eventually this kind of stuff will be a non-issue, but for now, and for a while I suspect, it will come up.

            I do think that when I see articles like “the first black man to be a ______” or “First woman to achieve ______” in a way belittles their own achievement and makes it all about their race/gender/sexuality/etc. Why can’t we just celebrate their success instead of bringing that into it as well?

      • sakasiru

        Why would that be important? Because while he is the first openly gay athlete at the Olympics, he is probably not the first gay athlete at the Olympics. So why didn’t the ones before him reveal their orientation? Is it just not important? Or did they have a fear of being shunned by the other athletes? And was this fear reasonable, given the experiences of Adam Rippon so far?

        Considering there are still a lot of sports where coming out will harm careers, it’s a very relevant question in my opinion.

  • John D

    Oh come on there’s been a lot of figure skaters before this guy.

  • Dennisch

    I understand the murder of the reporter, but how did he murder every straight athlete? Because of those plucked eyebrows?

    Mine are all natural and way more fabulous.

  • Sirperry

    Except it’s not homophobic at all to ask that question. It’s a legit question. Being openly gay, could potentially be very different than being straight as an athlete. You potentially would have to deal with many other things. In fact, the question could very well be leading to a comment from the reporter about how brave this man is!

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