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  • Cayne
    • EmperorPalputin

      Thanks. If you ask me, perfect example of how women factor themselves out and ignore their own responsibility in cases like this. While he has ignored non verbal signs that she didn’t want to go to fast, clearly she ignored signs of what it was he wanted and honestly an “I am not ready for this yet” very likely would have saved her the bad experience. Don’t see how you can really blame Aziz more than you can blame the lady for not giving a clear “no”.

      • Cayne

        for me what it comes down to the decision to stay. there are just so many problems that I have with the fact that she didn’t just leave after the first betrayal. and women. please fill me in. why didn’t she leave? to me this makes no sense

        • Ivana

          She is young, 22, he is famous and she is impressed, she also likes him, from what she got to know from 5 days of texting and flirting. They go out, he moves too fast. She says it’s too fast and that she just wants to chill. Besides verbally, she is showing her discomfort with body language. This is all in her story.

          Now for the part where you ask women to fill you in about not leaving. When you go out with a guy you like (even more so in a situation like the above, someone in power, out of the norm) you want to give them a chance to stop once you express your discomfort. You hope they’re not just trying to get their dick wet, and they actually respect your wishes, feelings and you as a person. After he crossed the line for the nth time, she did leave, as would most women, if they’re lucky to get the chance.

  • Ivana

    After she gave him non verbal signs and then said it’s too fast and she wasn’t ready, he still tried to coerce her to have sex. If you that’s fine read through this, and if you still stand by your opinion then there is nothing more to discuss.


    • Novo Caine

      Exactly. I wonder if whoever made this, and those commenting like idiots actually read about the full encounter.

      • EmperorPalputin

        I like the part about calling other people idiots for having a different view in stead of using it to have an actual discussion. I read the story. I understand why she felt uncomfortable. I don’t understand why she stayed / went along with it for some part. How hard is it to just say no and walk away. Reason why I am somewhat on the defending side of Aziz is because it is very easy to misread a situation like that in the heat of the moment, and after reading the story I can imagine what he thought of as mixed signals. What saddens me about this whole thing is that a mistake like that can fuck up the guys life and he will be put on the same shelf as sexual predators, which I don’t believe he is. I am not saying he did nothing wrong. I am saying there were mistakes from both man and woman here but the woman’s responsibility is ignored.

        • Novo Caine

          Yes, idiots. I don’t believe you can’t tell that your partner is not into it. This goes generally for any person, but he’s a comedian, are you telling me failed so awfully at reading the room? Please. Also if you truly have read the story, you’d know she did say, verbally, she doesn’t want to, and him trying to coerce her and being extremely pushy. If she said no once, why do you keep insisting? He was abusive and disrespectful but was careful to not cross a legal line that would make his behavior easily prosecutable. Asking why she didn’t leave makes it sound like it’s impossible for him to sop when asked, or when he noticed (and he did) her discomfort. He should have stopped, but he wanted to get laid, even if she was unwilling and pressured into it.

          Studies have shown that men claim ignorance when it comes to women’s refusals over sex but demonstrate competence otherwise with other forms of refusals. It’s not that they don’t understand, it’s that they don’t like the answer.

          And to conclude:

          • EmperorPalputin

            ok let’s clear a couple of things up first:

            1) Studies have shown that the fact that “studies have shown” something does not mean they automatically apply to every situation.

            2) you are arguing from the perspective that all men are pigs and that Aziz is a very cunning and abusive man. Very deliberatly choosing his words and approach. While he may just be an idiot who was happy to get laid for once. Doesn’t look like the stud type of celebrity to me. Fact is, you simply don’t know.

            3) you seem to have your head up your own ass and are incapable of trying to see a situation other than the way that proves that all men are pigs.

            4) The comic you post is not very relevant to this story; She was not drunk, or not drunk enough to say that he took advantage of her. It also implies that all women that want to have sex with you will take initiative and full on go for it. Which we all know is not true. Different women, different approaches. Some are shy, some need (and want) a bit of an extra push. (I realise that “push” is a bit of a bad word choice but don’t know how else to explain it)

            5) yes, she did make verbal and non verbal indications that she wasn’t into it. But reading her text messages, she herself basicly says that they may not have been clear enough to him. So that at least should make you wonder if she was not giving mixed/unclear signals.

            6) She put his dick in her mouth. Willingly. Not for long. But still, why would you do that if you’re absolutely not into having sex?

            7) She put his dick in her mouth.

            8) The whole story seems to revolve around him trying to get her in the mood by dragging the situation out. Basicly, he seemed to notice she was not up for it, but thought he could get het in the mood. Which is not an abnormal thing! Especially when she keeps giving mixed signals. It’s not something I would do, but it’s not an unnatural thing to do.

            9) The fact that she stayed! While she knew what he wanted and she had numerous occasions to give a more obvious “no” and leave is where I believe she made a big mistake herself.

            in conclusion: I don’t think Aziz did nothing wrong, he did. but so did she. He made the mistake of thinking that by talking and dragging a situation out you can get a woman in the mood. It’s dumb, but not a crime. And she still went along for parts of it.

            I simply believe this is a situation of mutual responsibility where both of them made mistakes and it could have easily been avoided.

            I don’t mean for this to turn into an internet argument. just thought it was an interesting and important discussion. But by all means, call me an idiot again if you like.

          • Ivana

            This is why a lot of women don’t “just say no and leave”.


            The question with Aziz is why didn’t he just stop and chill with her after she said she doesn’t want sex?

          • EmperorPalputin

            This makes no sense. She doesn’t say no because she is afraid he will beat the shit out of her? Out of this whole story did you get the feeling that he behaved aggressive in any way? Some men are absolute scumbags. Obviously I do not approve of any of that. But irrelevant here since I don’t think Aziz belongs in that category

        • Drop Message

          I know I’m way late to the party, but seriously, when a woman I’m trying to have sex with says this to me:

          “I don’t want to feel forced because then I’ll hate you, and I’d rather not hate you,”

          I stop. It doesn’t matter if she stays or leaves, it doesn’t matter what we’ve already done. This is, at the very fucking latest, if you’re really hilariously bad at reading body language and other cues, when you stop, and perform some serious introspection about how the hell you ended up in a situation where your date uses the word “forced” in a context related to sex. That red flag is so big you could cover Mount Everest with it.

          He’s not bad at reading signs — he just didn’t like them and chose to continue, hoping that at some point she’ll relent and have sex with him (which, uhm, seriously not cool, dude). Which isn’t to say that he’s the worst sexual offender of all times, but this whole thing would have been pretty easy to avoid by him actually giving a shit about his date’s well-being.

          • EmperorPalputin

            Never too late! 😉 I agree that when she is very clearly not up for it, you should just stop. Put your dick away, and chill. My point being here is that , well.. she was not very clear. The whole story seems like a bit of a mess in my opinion.

            she basicly says it herself that she may not have been clear. Just think that this is as much of a women’s responsibility as it is a man’s and she is neglecting her part in the whole ordeal.

            I’m sure we’re not enemies here and that given all the information to a similar situation, we’d pretty much agree on what is and what isn’t acceptable. Just in this case, I honestly don’t believe that this can be classified as sexual assault (which is the way this story is being portrayed)

            “It took a really long time for me to validate this as sexual assault”

          • EmperorPalputin

            I didn’t feel like reading the whole article again so I clicked the first youtube vid about it. Kind of enhances what I’m trying to say here.

            But more importantly, look how afraid they are to even try and have a discussion about stuff like this. To even question if “hey maybe the guy didn’t assault her and she kind of gave mixed signals too you know”. The blonde is incredibly defensive. That is just something to show how ridiculous some of these “feminists” get and what kind of society we’re working towards.


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