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  • BearnieZardoz

    Can’t upvote this as much as I want

  • SuperDan4

    Meh, not really the same. She is still in the same country. But yes, South Dakota is a shithole state.

    • Haze1nut

      Guess ‘david duran’ didn’t simplify it enough for some people, huh? If her birthplace and current residence are in the same country then why even bother to move? It’s all the same, right?… here let me give it 1(one) shot for you: people move simply because of better opportunities elsewhere. I left France for the US. Does that make France a shithole?

      • SuperDan4

        Obviously people leave for better opportunities, but there’s a difference between leaving because there’s a higher paying job in another state, than leaving because your village got burned down and your family got raped to death. People moving from South Dakota to Texas doesn’t mean much, because there are people who move to South Dakota from Texas as well (or other places). Not a lot of people wanting to move to the Congo hence….shithole. See where I’m coming from here? And no, you leaving France does not make it a shithole, there’s plenty of other reasons why it is.

        • Haze1nut

          “Leaving because your village got burned down and your family got raped to death”…. thanks! For letting me know what im dealing with before i invested much more into this conversation

      • Johnny Alpha

        Well, Le Havre is pretty shitty :/

        • Haze1nut

          Ah youre in northern France. Right smack between Paris and London. Aside from the weather, I can just imagine the douchy individuals you must encounter on a daily basis. Im from southern france on the border of spain where it’s sunbathing and partying 24/7

  • Vladislav Richter
  • Heather Wilkins

    Florida is a shithole state, need I remind you we have legal medical pot and flakka.

  • Friedrich N.

    Lol, still the same country

    • Exquisite Jesus

      But they’re separate states, the whole point of the Union.

      • ComputerPony

        I know, it’s the same as saying someone left Germany to move to France, there are individual laws for each region, but the union (in that case, the EU) still makes general laws.

      • Friedrich N.

        Tomi Lahren moving to a slightly different part of the US for job opportunities is vastly different than escaping a literal shithole country without basic access to food, water and medicine. You know, those human necessities that citizens are promised in Socialist/Leftist countries like pretty much all of Latin America, the Caribbean, most of South America, some of Africa and other shitholes.

        • Exquisite Jesus

          So, you’ve been to these countries, or you just think they’re all mudhuts and rice?

          • Friedrich N.

            A few, yes. Try going to the non-tourist areas of Haiti or Jamaica and tell me the word “shithole” doesn’t at least flash into your brain a few times.

          • Exquisite Jesus

            Same with the states, silly.

  • Sirperry

    But south Dakota IS a shithole state..

    • Patchy

      Was going to say the same thing. Also, Texas is a shithole state. Pretty much the entire midwestern United States is just one giant shithole.

      • Eutrophic04

        Except Minnesota

      • PATMAN

        A certain member of this site would disagree.

  • brujah1381

    Whether or not the countries Donald Trump was talking about are shitholes or not is not the point of contention, the problem is that on the day he announced he was running he said all the Mexicans that come here are rapists and criminals, a couple of them are good people maybe, but they are mostly scum, then Nazis marched in Charlottesville and Donald Trump says some of them are “very fine people”,then he says these countries with mostly dark skinned populations are shitholes and we should get more people from white countries like Norway. Calling these countries shitholes may be accurate but that’s not the point, it’s that he doesn’t want the people from these countries and he doesn’t want these people for one particular reason, he thinks they are shithole people because they aren’t white. The simple truth of the matter is Donald J. Trump is a massive racist bigot.

  • Snowstorm

    Explains why there are so many Americans here in the UK.

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