The night before: “Hey guys, I can stay out after all. I just called her and she said to do whatever I f*cking want.”


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  • gar

    And she will never forget that day, it will come back to you 20 years later like : “Don’t you remember when … ?”

    • Mounty1103

      no i don’t remember (you)

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        Surprisingly, this is not a helpful answer.

  • The People’s Poet

    Maybe tell people what you feel instead? If you are going to be a passive aggressive person, don’t expect others to play your little game.

    • Gregor

      Indeed, aren’t women supposed to be the ones that can articulate feelings better?

      • Tanya Wicht

        It is often said, after they have expressed their feelings and said why. Basically, the same as saying “I give up” or “whatever” the discussion may be over, but of course she is not happy. Having said that – that’s life, you can’t always both be happy.(This all goes the other way too)

        • Gregor

          True enough, since this is obviously a relational situation there would have been any number of conversations beforehand but in general it should be ‘use the right words for when you want to express something, anything else is liable to be misunderstood”, personally i even go a bit further and say “If you didn’t tell me in words what you meant then clearly it wasn’t important enough for me to know”

  • Lunchbox

    I’ve had boyfriends that did this. That’s why you don’t date childish people, regardless of their genitalia.

    • Gregor

      It’s claimed that communication is said to help, but maybe this is just some strange rumour

      • Tanya Wicht

        It does not always help, if you want.need different things in a certain situation – sometimes, as I say above, you can’t both get your way, or both get your needs met, one of you is going to be unhappy.

  • Richard Rejmer

    Years ago, I got home from work and I was getting “That” look. . . No talking. . cold-shoulder routine. After a couple of hours of this I finally asked. . . “What!? Why are you mad at me?”. . . She said icily. . . “Today is our ANNIVERSARY – and you FORGOT!!”. . . I said “Today is the second of August. . Our anniversary is second of SEPTEMBER”. . . She was wrong – but I was the one in trouble!!

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