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  • Phoenyx

    Yup, he is literally a sinner, when you note the Latin word “sin” means “left”

  • zenzen

    They saved my soul in the kindergarten and forced me to use my right hand. Bless them.

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    And my shirt is a cotton blend, bwahahahaha!

  • Flockacox

    And you’re not supposed shave either

  • pgok

    Google search turned up 28 instances of “left hand” in the bible. None of them seemed to say “being left handed is sinful”. The vast majority were “the person did this with their right hand and did this with their left” and the things done weren’t generally sins either. Really not sure where he’s getting that being a lefty is a sin.

    • Ara Raven

      But multiple examples in the bible correlate left-handedness with existing sinfulness (for example Ehud and the Benjaminites). Left-handedness in the bible is shown as when you are so full of sin that it physically shows on you in the form of being left-handed. That’s why natural lefties were (and in some places still are) beaten and forced to use their right hand; being left-handed meant you were essentially born Fallen, so the good Christians would try and beat the evil you were inherently born with out of you, for your own good.

      Being left-handed isn’t the sin. Left-handedness is a reflection of existing sin. If you’re born left-handed, you are born already cursed, a custom-made tool for evil and sin.

      Also the word for left in Latin is sinistra, a word that is the root for the English words sin and sinister.

      • Gatekeeper

        Left-handed in the Bible was did not actually mean Left/Right it meant empty handed.

        • Train Driver

          And the right hand side of the King was the good side to be seated on.

  • Sinister

    I didnt know that and i think it`s not a sin, otherwise i would have been warned. The first teacher get sick and she cant come to school, so the replacement was the teacher who not let me use the left hand. He said he was a “leftie” too but his teacher beat him and now is “righty”. Because i was very slow writing with the right, and very ugly ( cannot make even straight lines at that time, he put me on basics of writing) i didnt go to school for 2 months untill the first teacher got well. That cost me the square table of 7,8 and 9, now i need a few seconds to think the result, is not instant like the rest.
    And yes, being born as a leftie means you are cursed or evil. If i recall corectly,a theory states that the lefties had a twin in the womb but they get rid of it…

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