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  • Vladislav Richter

    Life hack: Do you feel like your life is too easy and pain free, but you think getting a kid would be an overkill? Get a cat!

    • Lunchbox

      From what I’ve experienced they’re a lot easier than dogs, though.

      • Ara Raven

        Idk, my dog never gets up on the counter expressly to see which things she can knock off to make the loudest noise. She also doesn’t consistently barf on the floor. And never mind getting confused about the difference between IN the box and NEAR the box, she just goes out into the yard, does her thing, and comes back in. The dog never gets “crazy time” and is, in fact, entirely chill and content to lay next to me all day. She understand sit, stay, and come, and doesn’t express affection with claws.

        So, yeah, my dog is easy as fuck to deal with. But I also really do love my three cats and think they are TOTALLY worth everything they put me through and more. They could probably also drop a super hot album, check the poses:

        • Lunchbox

          My cats don’t do half that shit lol My dog did, though. We was a timid lil thing until no one was around. Then he would climb up on the table and all that kind of stuff.

          Like I said, my experiences have shown me that cats are much easier to deal with

          • Drop Message

            Shenanigans aside, I’d say it’s certainly easier to have a cat than it is to properly train a dog.

          • Lunchbox

            Especially sneaky dogs lol

  • Ingemārs Volters

    just dont give meds to a you dont remember when to take meds, you also may forget why you use them and why cat is so eager when you approach that bottle.

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