Master Troll

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54 points
  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    Give this person a medal! Or anything else, give him something!

    • Johnny Alpha

      meh! give him Jack Black … in a lurve scene …

    • Raedwulf

      Assuming he’s a guy?
      I’m kind of guessing it’s a young lady… and dammit she’s gonna defend her man
      If he’s a guy, well, I hope he finds his soul mate

  • Inaba

    this is a fucking masterpiece

  • BearnieZardoz

    Intelligent trolling

    • Johnny Alpha

      since when did ‘common sense’ become ‘intelligence’ ….

      • Johnny Alpha


      • BearnieZardoz

        Dunno. Since when did the way of executing something become the content that one is talking about?

      • Supaapple

        Since “common sense” became not so common.

        • Johnny Alpha

          good answer ; )

  • Das Puggy

    4chan aren’t sure if this is great because trolling [CENSORED]-lovers, or evil because this guy looks gay.

  • itcouldbefunnier

    Well it’s dumb for a series of reasons but the most logical maybe that his race and backstory are integral to the character itself. That’s not the case for a character say, Spider-Man.

  • Mym Zy

    The troll even got the name wrong, I wonder if they also complained about that.

    BTW, mastrollerfully done.

  • Daniel Emberton

    hes like 90% right…

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