Never forget

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21 points
  • m4a4

    Never forget what?

    • James Denman

      Dont actually watch this its really loud.

      • Garrus Vakarian

        idk what the big deal is. that’s a beautiful and relaxing video.

        • Rokas Akanichas

          oh u

      • Vava

        The good thing is you guys will get to see me more often because apparently I’m never gonna sleep again.

        • James Denman

          I mean at least youve got more time to do shit now as well.

          I probably should have also warned that it has a jumpscare…….

          • Vava

            It was a good one! “Falling asleep? This energy drink will give you a heart attack!”

      • MrPotato

        Fuck… i watched it. Dropped my phone.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I forgot about that video

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