For those of us with shitty eyesight… relatable.

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  • ComputerPony

    This is remarkably accurate. Though of course, with more shitty eyesight it gets worse.

    • James Denman

      Nuh uh dont you know anything further than a few feet away is just invisible /s

    • Amber Mari

      Idk how I didn’t die that one time I drove home without my glasses or contacts. Jesus took the wheel and absorbed my knowledge from previous drives. Between glare, blindness, and a shit car, I was sure I was fixing to die.

    • Samara

      i cant actually discern colors in the distance without my eyeglasses, its really odd.

    • Mike Rawlins

      Needs more distorted snow flake effect to be more accurate for me.

  • Kev_S

    Mine’s not quite that bad, though I do need a little help with finer details more than six feet away. Anything within arm’s reach I can see clear as a bell.

    • perthaussieguy

      Mine is the opposite. I have to have glasses to see clearly or read within a few feet. My long distance is fine without glasses

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