Barking spots

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  • Daemonius

    I wouldn’t leave my dogs alone anywhere outside.

    • Armie

      Yeah I don’t understand those who do.
      1. Even if your dog is nice and does not bite, they’re alone and unsupervised. If someone starts annoying them, you won’t know.
      2. Someone might steal your dog. (I would know : I want to steal every unattended dog I see)
      3. Your dog might just cry their heart out while you shop.
      4. Weather, hot or cold. I once went to a restaurant and someone had left their dog outside. It was forty degrees outside and everyone was struggling with the heat. We sat at our table and I asked the waiter for a bowl of water and went back outside to give it to the dog. We stayed there until we were served.

      • Maria Ingeborg

        Actually I live in Finland, I lived in a small town before where it is very common to leave your dog outside the supermarket, there has never been a problem of stealing or annoying a dog which i know of, and it’s such a small town you would hear about it. If your dog is crying outside he is also crying inside…in your apartment…..everytime you leave him alone. The weather.. well some people are dumb, I’m a chef and all the places i’ve been working in has bowls for water for dogs and people ask for them all the time, I thought this was a common thing? But now I live in a bigger city and I haven’t seen an unsupervised dog anywhere, mostly I think because of the stealing thing and somebody annoying them or feeding them something bad. Then again everybody gets their dogs chipped now, so you couldn’t really sell the dog, and if he or she get’s sick you can’t take them to the vet and they will tell the police, so you can’t really steal a dog anymore that easily. So maybe this is a pic from a smaller town maybe??? where it’s common and safe 🙂

        • Armie

          I clearly don’t trust my neighborhood. Every time we go on walks at night (and sometimes during day time), drunkards always try to make friends with her, which she hates. And that’s when I’m there. I would not dare imagine what they would do if I left her unsupervised in front of a store. I don’t trust strangers in my city, but I wish I could live in a place where I would trust people enough to leave my dog outside. Then again, I love my neighborhood for so many other reasons, that I’ll just deal with the fact that I can’t just hop in a store while I’m walking my dog if I need to buy something.

          Also she does not cry when she’s alone (she enjoys her alone time, just like her mama), but she will if something is out of place, or there are strange people around. For exemple, we have two doors in my apartment. I always leave by the front door. If I happen to leave by the back door, she’ll go in full panic mode, even my roommate is present. Even if it’s just to bring the garbage bag downstairs and come back instantly. My roommate can leave by any door he wishes, but when I do, something bad’s ought to happen.

          • Karen

            I live in a nice neighbourhood, and occasionally I see people leaving dogs outside. I could never do it myself. I would never forgive myself if something happened while I was shopping. It’s not likely; it’s also not worth the risk.

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