Wake up, sheeple

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  • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov

    How do I get these fake internet points?

    • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

      From my understanding you comment, post, vote. It all gets you fake internet points.

    • Gregor

      The FAQ FIP page seems to be missing for the moment but if you have an LOLSNAPS account then basically everything you do gives you some FIPS, some more than others, from posting content to posting replies etc.


    • perthaussieguy

      NOTE:- this is in the instructions but very important….
      “If you’ve been a long-time Disqus user, be sure to use the same email
      used to register with Disqus when you register on LoLSnaps. That way,
      all your previous comments will accrue points after you register (it can
      take a week to catch up).”

    • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov
  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Since peanuts are not nuts, this might be a reasonable warning.

  • windosia

    “If You’re Not Paying for It; You’re the Product. Everybody wants stuff for free but we seldom question what it means to get something for free.”

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