Science is fun


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  • perthaussieguy

    People who love her because she is Trumps daughter wouldn’t care about anything like that. As far as they are concerned she looks like she is doing something important and anything to discredit her is ‘Fake News’

    • BearnieZardoz


    • windosia

      Yeah, Trumps core supporters actually believe that higher education is a bad thing (I am not joking).

      • benjammin1701

        My go to response to that idiocy is, OK, give up your: cell phone, computer, tablet, car/truck, watch, indoor plumbing, and every other thing in your life that science is directly responsible for.

  • BlackSwan

    She’s holding it too close to her face.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Also, those are shatterproof glasses. She needs splashproof goggles, unless she has a degree in Chemistry, but even then…

  • Darin Gordon

    Why are turtlenecks banned?

    • clok

      Asking the real questions! not that I don’t want to know too!

  • Flingebunt

    Trump genius, know how to look smart for dumb people

  • Von Der Tann

    Look, poor people I’m scienceing and stuff. Ivanka, mos def!

  • Justin_snap

    Its a good attempt at textbook duckface but she seems to concentrating on too many things for her RAM to handle. She’s about to crash.

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