“…and Cain knew his wife…” Huh? Where did SHE come from?

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  • The People’s Poet

    According to the local sky daddy man, the bible only mentions that Adam and Eve were the FIRST man and woman, and not that God didn’t make others after them outside the Garden of Eden. He didn’t seem to know why there was no throw away line about it, and told me I ask too many questions and should just have faith.

    I personally believe that this is due to the bible not being able to stand up to basic scrutiny. Think it might be time for another re-write.

    • Gregor

      They already had one and hence we have Islam, i do not think we really need another one of those fanfic stories anymore

      • John

        Haha, fan-fiction…
        Makes you wonder if 2,000 years from now there will be major world religions based on Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings.

        • The People’s Poet

          There already are XD

          • Justin_snap

            Never say never…

    • Michael Shepherd

      I recall a lot of those sort of discussions in bible school as a kid. I was ‘that kid’ who questioned logic and didn’t take a whole lot on faith. Needless to say, my Sundays are largely free for chores….

      • Das Puggy

        You are a brave and wise man.

        • Michael Shepherd

          That, or just like to start some shit 😉

  • Mym Zy

    She was Evhore.

  • Justin_snap

    The bottle is pouring itself haha

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