Good ol’ days

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  • The People’s Poet

    He is black? Never would have guessed it. Nothing quite as fresh as a black comedian making a joke about being a slave.

  • Inaba

    i miss 2008 when the internet was still good

  • Dennisch

    So original, clinging to a past he never experienced.

    • John

      I see it as the opposite. He’s saying he’s grateful for what he has experienced, for what he has right now. In turn, he’s making fun of people who do cling to the past.

  • Mister_B_Posters

    Daliso Chaponda, ladies and gentlemen.

    • boganaussie

      what a crackup he was in that

  • Karen

    Sigh. I know it’s intended to be funny, but I wish people would recognise there’s good parts and bad parts to every part of the past. Recently a friend of mine in her 80s posted a poem on Facebook about ‘the good ol’ days’ and several young people very unkindly ripped it apart, going on about women being forced to be stay at home wives and somehow managing to carry all the way through to domestic abuse. Shit, let the old dear reminisce.

    Also, here’s one- I’m young and I miss the ‘good old days’ where Tinder had never been invented and you were more likely to get asked out at a coffee shop. I miss when people didn’t always have their face in their phone and men would open a door for me without being afraid of being yelled at, and when people had a bit more common sense.

    There’s good and bad to every time and generation. It’s not all just shit.

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