I had dinner with my FBI agent and his family

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  • Rev. Analbumcover

    Remember when we had evil clowns invading and trump running for president and we were all saying “Well, at least things can’t get any stupider. Knowing that will give us the hope to make it through this.”

  • rick

    Been pointing this out to people leg humping the government as they call for Zuck’s head but seem to forget they cheered or were apathetic when things like the patriot act came into affect.

    • Justin_snap

      Does it indicate that people ”think” they somehow have appropriated Facebook as their own after years of using it and kind of ignoring the mechanics behind it? That this social platform is ”theirs” in a way? I can’t even foresee this having an immediate impact of Facebook use. I do believe the average person does not comprehend or perhaps care that their information can be put to use by others, much less that being disturbing. They see no impact to this use or possible misuse in their data….There should a class/course that touches this in high school or even primary school imo. Maybe some schools have already implemented it.

      • rick

        I don’t think they comprehend. Even when a little personality test could predict them better than friends or family could.

        Long story short: https://vimeo.com/61632669

        If the name seems familiar it’s because he is long term colleague of Michal Kosinski, and we should know that name because of the Cambridge Analytica train wreck which essentially landed Zuck in front of a congressional hearing.

        I honestly feel bad for David. I’ve known the guy for over 15 years and his work in big data and psychometrics is impressive. It just sucks that someone had to create a hack imitation of their model for the purposes of illegally scraping information from facebook for profit.

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