And life takes cash only


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  • Quite frankly, life’s more like pay-to-win.

    • Vladislav Richter

      microtransactions everywhere
      unbalanced difficulty
      shitty customer service
      no respec potions
      no return policy
      bugs (like REAL BUGS)
      most weapons are overpowered
      some starting regions and/or skins are VERY difficult
      some maps have VERY expensive healing potions vendors
      can’t skip boring cutscenes
      ironically not enough lootboxes (aka presents)

      • The People’s Poet

        Also it is sandbox, but you need the mod’s permission to do anything.
        Really shitty insta-death mechanics.
        You can’t pick your starting stats.
        You can’t pick your starting zone.
        You can’t pick your starting party.

        • Vladislav Richter

          No fast travel
          no clear objectives or objective markers
          most boss npcs have shitty AI
          small inventory

  • Johnny Alpha

    What did the fuck you think it was?

    ‘paid to play’ ??!!!

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