Organic Truth

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  • Novo Caine

    Has no access to modern medicine or life comforts, and does hard labor his whole life. You point is invalid.

    • Vladislav Richter

      Sometimes get eaten by free range organic diet.

      • Johnny Alpha

        or ‘The Angry Carrot’ … /:

    • Muffinmonster

      Agreed! Given the same beneficial inputs, and the addition of modern health benefits, this person should live to 100 years or beyond.

    • Flingebunt

      Also the life expectancy of 35 is the result of high infant mortality, when you look at people who made it past the age of 5, then life expectancy would be 60+

      • F#A#

        Exactly!!! This is one of my pet peeves. People not understanding that everyone didn’t just die by 40. Infant mortality drives life expectancy figures

        • Flingebunt

          But also the whole Paleo diet is really funny. So there is no reason not to make fun of it.

    • Johnny Alpha

      but … but isn’t this the problem!!

      We’ve prolonged our lives, we live too long!!

    • The People’s Poet

      No access to a stable food source all year round…

    • Dragonofarbitration

      Ands the constant threat of other tribes who want to kill you and steal your food/wives and slay your offspring

  • Inaba

    if you made it past 7 you could easily make it to 60+

  • Kenneth Lien

    It’s not like they died of old age at 35. If they stayed healthy and didn’t get a then deadly, now trivial disease like tooth decay or diabetes, they could live to be old by modern standards.

  • Damien Hampton

    organic diet? rather be dead

  • Richard Rejmer

    That’s because he’s on the modern Paleolthic diet. . . he should eat like they used to – the Pliesocene diet. . Much healthier.

    • Shivers

      I know someone who was on the Plasticine diet.

      Apparently play-doh tastes nasty.

  • Justin_snap

    And he thinks that vinyl is the only proper way to listen to music and maybe enjoys bragging about his low carbon footprint life style while sipping on a coffee mug that reminds people that it contains fair trade coffee??

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