Quick face rinse before dinner

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  • Justin_snap

    Nice startle.

  • Mounty1103
  • windosia

    And that is why I won’t eat at buffets

    • brilliant_observer


  • clok

    JACK ASS jokes like that are just sad… its like hey, i have the mentality of a 3 year old, wouldn’t this be cool? I’m not pro big business.. but that will have to be shut off, cleaned and that’s a bunch of work for people making no money, and the cost too.. EH but who cares I’m a a-hole who could care less about anything but me and my entertainment. WEEE i got a few you tube hits. Of course this could be staged.. and they may not clean it at all.. still makes him a jack ass.. he can do that shit at home with his own food if he thinks its funny.

  • Amber Mari
  • Karen

    Great, so that’s now got to be shut down, cleaned and all the chocolate poured out and wasted.
    Nice job, fuckhead.

    • Ara Raven

      Uh, Karen, are you okay? You’ve been, well, really mean the last week or so. Is everything alright at home? Because it feels like you’re just coming here to lash out at us, like you need to excise some anger or something. Can we help?

      • Karen

        Sorry. Not intending to be bitchy to commenters… Although I should probably realise that sometimes OPs of snaps will read these. Ha.

        Thank you for asking. I’ve had leg surgery and been a bit stressed, and sometimes lately I’ve been scrolling through here and seen stuff that’s less LOL and more depressing. Going on holiday this weekend for some relaxation so hopefully I’ll be a bit more human after that.

        Thanks for asking, seriously. xx

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