My cat is grounded indefinitely

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  • Justin_snap

    Ja’mie?! LOL

    • BearnieZardoz

      I was stumbling over it, too, but LOL was not my first reaction.

      • Justin_snap

        maybe WTF was more my reaction hehe 🙂

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          Fracture-level facepalm for me.

          • Justin_snap

            I hope you recover quickly!

          • Rev. Analbumcover

            Thanks! I never even noticed a difference.

        • Johnny Alpha

          we’re still experiencing the usual post-Easter panic here in France.
          When all the pet shops off-load their excess rabbit stock to the butchers and ‘Lapin Chasseur’ is back on the menu for a reasonable price!

          Most people (me included) will bond with affectionate animals.

          but they’re still animals

          (there are certains species that due to their sentience, and behaviour, should deserve our respect and protection- but don’t forget, dolphins are capable of gang rape to the point of killing the female)

          • Justin_snap

            De mon coté de l’océan, j’ai pas constaté une augmentation de lapins louches dans mon épicerie suite a Paques haha!

            I love animals too. And also eating some of them. With respect.
            Every bite I take, I look at it and i speak to it and most importantly: I listen.

          • Johnny Alpha

            especially ‘crispy chicken’ ;D

          • Justin_snap

            Crispy chicken is one of the chattiest! haha

  • Robinator

    Getting another cat would be cheaper.

    • Train Driver

      And logical.

  • Barba_Negra

    Hopefully that currency is Pesos PHP.

  • Amber Mari

    Well, shit, how much was that frame?

  • Justin_snap

    For a quick second, when i loaded this page and it was choppily loading…the image was Black and white…like that DRESS.

  • Train Driver

    No cat is worth that. One way drive.

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