Sign at local baseball diamond

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  • Stickers the Bum

    most required sign at any sporting event.

  • Shivers

    In fairness, if they played for the Jays they’d be used to losing HEYOOOOOOOOOO.

    • Train Driver

      Not this year.

  • Barba_Negra

    Well, sometimes coaches are dicks and you have to control yourself not to yell at them. Last year I registered my son for baseball and even tho he was the best hitter on the team, the coach always made him hit last, while his daughter always batted first followed by the kids of people who were obviously his friends. So yeah!

    • John

      Ya, too often it’s the coach who’s trying to live vicariously through their kid. It can definitely go both ways.

      • Barba_Negra

        I definitely agree with that. Even my 8 Y/O child noticed it. He was getting at least two hits per game out of live pitching, instead of from a Tee like most of the kids. I had to tell him that they put him last so he can bring all the runs in.

    • Damien Hampton

      If he didn’t do it, your child wouldn’t be hitting anything.

      Plus every parent thinks their child is the best.

      • Barba_Negra

        ??? You are one of those people who have to say something even if you don’t know what you are talking about. Just because you need to disagree.

        • Damien Hampton

          You have 2000 posts, I have 151 posts, I think you need to add your opinion _ALOT_ more than me.

          And what I said is correct, if he doesn’t volunteer, your kid isn’t playing the fucking sport, pretty clear

          • Barba_Negra

            If he didn’t volunteer someone else would. Maybe I have more comments because I’ve been visiting the page longer than you. Anyways, doesn’t matter.

  • Damien Hampton

    Pretty much should be at all sports

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