Proud father. Proud son.

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  • lizziesmama

    I know another book he could check out. 🙂

    • Das Puggy

      Not everyone is into romances.

      • lizziesmama

        It’s not just romance. There’s a mystery too.

  • Karen

    On Facebook there’s this page called Good News Network. It has a bit of everything- science, environment, charity, global, local news- and stories like this. I love it.

    • RaddClaw

      Thanks for the recommendation, I just started following them 🙂

      • Karen


  • Johnny Alpha

    I don’t think he had to ‘sneak’ into Foyles, as they encourage browsing and have reading copies on the shelves.

    • Kenneth Lien

      I have no idea what Foyles is (assume it’s a bookstore) but maybe you had to in the 50s.

  • Inaba

    maybe it’s the lighting, but that’s a chimp

    • Das Puggy

      Are you seriously comparing black people to another genus?

      • Inaba

        i’m saying he has hair and wrinkles in unfortunate places

        • PATMAN

          Me too.

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