Similar, But Different Dump… Part 2

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24 points
  • Mounty1103

    i like #8/18

  • The Original Green Arrow

    As a marmeteer, I make all kinds of preserve I can tell you that the actual difference between jelly and jam is that my doctor has never ‘jellied’ his finger up my bum.

    • a455olds

      So he goes in dry?!?! You need a new doctor!

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Muffins and cupcakes tend to be made with different batters as well

  • Nika113
    • Ara Raven

      I like them. I hope they continue.

      • Nika113

        Do you regularly confuse cupcakes and muffins? or guerrillas and gorillas?

        These would be good, if they were factual, interesting or humorous. However, they, specifically this one, are none of those things.

  • prometheus
  • Andre Poreskin

    Gorgonzola vs blue cheese… Similar to champagne.

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