At least he’s come to terms with it.

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  • Brian Gappa

    Some of the most fun things I’ve done, that I don’t regret were financial mistakes. It is just money, I can always make more.

    • clok

      My attitude till i reached my mid 40’s, was completely happy, done the shit i wanted (most of it, not all) and people kept slapping me in the face with this retirement thing, and healthcare and how fooked our (USA) system is.. I am no longer happy, i dont do anything fun and in now way will ever live past retirement if all the stuff they say about how much i need is true. Only upside, about 2-3 times a year i go completely insane and so what i want for a day.

  • Michael Shepherd


  • Snowstorm

    The car isn’t a mistake, but wiping out itsivalue with the awful mods are.

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