Why do I need an AR-15?

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  • perthaussieguy

    Just a random thought…The sick son is carrying a virulent form of plague and will spread the disease all over the world unless he is contained…..
    Police “Drop the weapon,sir, or I WILL shoot you”

    • Shivers

      Has no one watched the Resident Evil movies?!

      …Seriously, don’t. I rewatched them recently. I got to the zombie spetnaz on motorcycles with guns before I got hopping mad, but it was crap even before that.

      • BearnieZardoz

        I tried once the first one, and stopped somewhere halfway through.
        I like World War Z. It’s not the best ever, but I liked it.
        My fav is 28 days later.

        I can never watch such movies twice, and I am not someone really compatible with this kind of movie, but I keep trying every now and then.

        • 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, WWZ, Dawn of the Dead (the 2004 – version), The Battery — I find that there aren’t all that many good zombie-movies. It’s sad, because I happen to very much like zombies as a concept 🙁

          • clok

            Return of the living dead, get with it.. “send more cops”

      • In my opinion, the first one was good, the 2nd one was still entertaining enough, but the rest are just garbage. It’s just amazing how badly they screwed something that had so much potential and they could’ve quite literally gone in any direction they wanted with it.

  • Exquisite Jesus

    Is this an Alfie reference? If so, then that dude doesn’t understand you can’t cure brain death, just by flying to Italy. Those parents were selfish cunts, and I’m glad he is no lobger suffering.

    • Michael Shepherd

      The reality check here is that ‘they’ in no way described the details of the kid’s ailment. Brain death? Based on what? The whole ‘you must subscribe to our viewpoint or you are stupid’ viewpoint is part of the problem, not the solution.

      • Exquisite Jesus

        You mean the medical professionals? Yeah, they probably murdered the toddler.

        • LOLWUT

          Exactly when there were medical professionals who were also willing to treat him.

          • Exquisite Jesus

            Treat him how? Keep him alive on machines the same way he had been?

          • LOLWUT

            Does it matter, really? Just because one hospital gave up, does that mean nobody else who is willing should be able to try and save him? For the government to tell you that you can’t get a second opinion elsewhere and that your child must die in their custody is something you’re okay with?

          • Exquisite Jesus

            Like Italy, where they said they would do exactly what had been keeping him barely alive, but for “60.000+€”? So, tell me, what could any other medical proffesional have done differently? As if they already hadn’t tried. I mean, you seem to be quite knowledgeable on his illness, tell me more.

          • LOLWUT

            So you don’t believe in second opinions?

            You are aware medical professionals are quite often wrong in their diagnoses, right?

            I’m not claiming to be more knowledgeable on his illness, however, a team of medical professionals who were, were ready and willing to treat him but the UK government said no, he gets to dehydrate and starve to death.

            I don’t care if the treatment was 6€ or 6,000,000,000€. If the parents were willing to pay for it, that’s their decision.

            What I’m asking you, do you think a life or death decision isn’t worth the hassle of getting a second opinion?

          • Exquisite Jesus

            They were not willing to treat him, they were willing to take care of him. He wasn’t curable, given there is no way to regenerate brain damage. As if they hadn’t gotten opinions from other physicians, because of the high profile case. Feel free to get emotional, but terminal illnesses are terminal…

          • LOLWUT

            So you think a hospital/Government has the right to determine that your child should dehydrate and starve to death?

            I love how you’re avoiding the question.

            What harm would have been done with trying a different hospital? I know first hand, along with multiple other cases, of how one hospital can make a terminal diagnosis and another could treat the patient.

            It’s not emotional for me. I don’t give a shit on whether he lives or dies, however, I don’t think because a government finds treatment to be too expensive that they can reserve the right to say anyone should dehydrate and starve to death.

            But we’re going round and round so don’t even bother replying. I already know your response.

            *avoid answering question about government starving people to death*

            “Herp derp he had brain damage”

            “Herp derp I’m a medical professional and I know every test and procedure they performed on the child to reach their decision”

          • Ara Raven

            The UK has a law stating that, since parents are never going to be capable of objectivity where their children are concerned (which is absolutely true, psychologically speaking), healthcare professionals can override parental choices when the choices of the parent go against the best interests of the child. This is predicated on the stance that a child doesn’t BELONG to their parent, but rather that parents are custodians of a young life, and that custodianship can be revoked or overruled if the well-being of the young life is threatened. This is not easy for, say, Americans to understand, since ownership of children is a HUGE part of our cultural mindset around parenting. Parents in America are allowed to make vastly terrible medical decisions for their children, destroying their child’s future health and ruining their chances for a normal life, and our laws completely support that because it’s THEIR kid. It’s because of the abuse allowed to happen to children in places like America that the UK has such a law in the first place.

            Beyond that, I’m one of those people who thinks the mind defines the person. Once your brain is gone, YOU are gone, even if the heart in your empty shell continues to beat. Alfie was dead long before his heart stopped beating. His parents wanted to play puppeteer with his corpse. The government did not “allow a child to dehydrate and starve to death.” The medical staff realized that with brain-death, nothing could be done. They allowed the body to die, taking the step the parents the were too grief-stricken to see was all that remained.

            The brain doesn’t regenerate. Certain information can be rewritten on spare grey matter, but critical information, such as lung and heart function, can’t be rewritten. Alfie’s brain was dead, and as such, when he was taken off a respirator, he ceased to breath shortly after. This is the primary cause of body-death after a diagnosis of brain-death, NOT dehydration or starvation. Not that either of those would have bothered Alfie; he was so brain dead, he wasn’t even being given pain medication. Not a bit. Kid died and didn’t feel it.

          • Exquisite Jesus

            You obviously have no idea how life support works. Saying he starved to death is a ridiculous hyperbole. So, your question is dumb. Also, in what world did they not get enough information on his condition? Honestly, tell me where in the world they can regenerate a damaged brain. You’re arguing out of emotion, have fun.

      • Exquisite Jesus

        Honeslty, your MD must’ve been from Guyana.

        • Michael Shepherd

          Ok, I never claimed an MD (I am not). Yes I am a medical professional, and yes I am ACLS certified, but reality check. Nowhere above where the facts of the case stated. You are pretty quick to judge without having all of the facts of the case. You can choose any handle you want, but I don’t recognize your status as God. Give me a reason to respect your medical expertise or be quiet about a situation you don’t have the information to judge.

    • MikeyMike

      How exactly does some one with brain death suffer?

      • Exquisite Jesus

        Sorry, “pointlessly alive for his parents sake.”


    Awe yes… a dumb post about someone uninformed. But it’s against guns so let’s “LOL”.

    No hijacking of a plane was needed. There was an air ambulance in UK ready to fly him to Italy as well as a military plane in Italy on standby.

    So I don’t get it. Where’s the LOL? Someone fill me in?

    • brujah1381

      It’s a hypocrisy thing. In the U.S. the anti gun control people are also typically anti socialised medicine, so this guy saying he would use his right to bear arms to hijack a plane to utilise a service he could have in this country if not for his own political stance is ironic.

      • Supaapple

        Wasn’t the kid in England?

        • brujah1381

          Yes, but the guy that wrote this statement was an American

  • Andre Poreskin

    Hijacking a plane sounds like a solid plan… I’m sure it’ll go swimmingly.

  • Dreig

    I want an AR-15 because guns are cool okay, I love shooting them, I can shoot them all day.

    Can’t just folks say it? And yes this is is reason for wanting a gun

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