The only benefit of holding a grudge is that it keeps your memory sharp.

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  • Rev. Analbumcover

    What the fuck did he do?

  • clok

    Its true, one of the bars (i live in ND, don’t worry I like it here) when i was in collage we did shots way to often and way to many.. and the deal was to sneak (drunk-sneaking.. not really possible) a shot glass out each time. As drunks do, we went from one of doing it, to all of us…pretty easy to notice. We had several warnings and finally got banned. Just for fun roughly 27 years later (not 30, sorry) i was back. They guy behind the bar was talking to me and said, you know… i think you are banned.. and i was shocked. They had a Polaroid of us from 27 years ago on the “banned” wall.. it was a bittersweet moment.. there where only maybe 30 pictures in 40 years.. and i was one of them! Immortalized forever on the wall of banning. Upside, they didn’t kick me out .

    • Justin_snap

      Nice story lol

    • Das Puggy

      Did you offer to pay back for the shot glasses?

    • clok

      Ok you are all going soft.. not one comment of collage instead of college. and no Puggy i did not.. now i feel like a heel 🙂

      • Sirperry

        I was about to make a comment on it, actually.. damn.

      • brujah1381

        We figured you’d put that picture together yourself.

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