Gotta make sure

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  • Shibuya

    the last one is actually important…

  • Justin_snap

    Better check the time to make sure it’s still the time I think it is.
    Better check Instagram AGAIN to see if I have some new likes…etc…

    The other day I was in my kitchen and I ran out of space in the drying rack so I put a cloth on the stove and put a large pot lid leaning against the the stove’s control panel and over the digital clock…I kept on looking at it every 20 seconds even though I couldn’t see the time. I had to perform some hard introspection into why I needed to know the time ALL THE TIME.

  • prometheus

    better click front page to see if there are new snaps.

  • Mike Rawlins

    Better have five copies of the floppies ‘cos they’re so.. darn-diddly-frustratingly-diddly-untrustable. Diddly. And floppy. Diddly!

    • Shivers

      Calm down, Ned.

  • Sirperry

    Better keep reposting, to make sure everyone sees this 12 times.

  • Johnny Alpha

    Better double-check, so you don’t dribble down your leg (one for the older male Lolsnapiens)


    Here in Essen in Germany, (even tho I’m a Brit), I always get so fucked off, and I want to SCREAM AT THE MOTHERFUCKERS. Reason: People waiting for a bus walk on to the middle of the road to see if the bus coming. Not once, but like 5 times in about 30 seconds. AS IF THE BUS WILL GET THERE FUCKING QUICKER!!!!

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