Doesn’t Korn just look like an older and fatter NSYNC?

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  • Marcus

    Good old days. When musicians still studied music.

    • Raedwulf

      The really good days were when a band didn’t need to fucking dance around, they played their instruments and sang.

      • PATMAN

        Freak on a leash – especially the MTV Unplugged version with Amy Lee – one of my fave songs.

        • Glaarg

          She really has a beautiful voice.
          Would not kick off bed either.

          • PATMAN

            Defo NEVER!

  • Michael Shepherd

    Bye bye blubber?

  • Karen

    You know how it can be embarrassing for some people when they show up in the same shirt or dress as someone else at a party?

    I wonder if it’s the same for those two guys and their glasses.

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