Working out when you’re drunk is probably not a good idea…

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  • Marcus

    Eiena poes!

  • Justin_snap

    Way to knock yourself out!
    But on a serious note: don’t drink and work out.

    • Flockacox

      I used to drink a miller light before lifting… It actually gives you a pump… But I agree, don’t get tow up then workout

    • perthaussieguy

      Perhaps he wanted to give his Becks a work out?

    • Amber Mari

      It depends. My workout used to be 2 hours of mainly stretching (and a little calisthenics). It helped my muscles relax to get a bigger stretch. It actually helped me lose weight SUPER fast.

  • Nipplyfingers McGuinness

    did he die?

  • almightybeard

    Was kinda hoping for a gravity assisted stomach pumping.

  • m4a4

    …That piece of equipment has nothing to do with working out. It’s meant to hang you upside down to relieve pressure on your spine.

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