That is one creative volcano

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  • Justin_snap

    Sophia Yan: Seth, we have to figure out what’s really big and something that the readers will all relate to…BUT WHAT!?

    Seth Borenstein: A fridge, Sophia. A motherfu%&kin’ refrigerator. Those things are huge and everyone knows it!

    Sophia: Bingo. *begins typing at a breakneck pace*

  • Mike Rawlins
  • Flockacox

    Are there other sized fridges?

    • perthaussieguy

      As well as a regular size fridge/freezer I have a bar fridge around 18″ x 3′ but my neighbour has one of these double door sized ones that’s around 6′ x 6′. And have you seen some restaurants cool rooms? They are room sized walk-in fridges !!

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