Seems like it could be a doctoral thesis

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  • perthaussieguy

    You had me at ‘Exclusively Asian chicks’ ……….

    • Daniel Emberton

      ^^^^ this

  • Ara Raven

    Wait, when did neckbeards become nationalists?? All the ones I know are either 110% apathetic to politics, or entirely left-of-center.

    • sniz_and_fondue

      I might be stretching on this one, because I agree with your assessment of Neckbeards.
      But, you did ask with two question marks…

      It’s a dictatorship in NK. Since they are fat and have beards they will have great social status with perceived wealth. These are the sort of people who rise to the top in that sort of regime. The perceived wealth will fix itself once they get embedded in the system and steal like everybody else.
      If Nationalism is popular, it’ll stay that way, no effort on their part.

      So just by being themselves, which, Hell by definition is 110% apathy, I mean, what the fuck else are they doing anyhow, they can achieve great success.

      Well, I guess that’s the doctorial’s thesis you’d be trying to prove at any rate…

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