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8 points
  • Damien Hampton

    Laurel! Yanny! No one fucking cares!

  • Jonathan Strider Matthews

    Left! Right! Center!!!!

  • perthaussieguy

    9gag, Redditt, LOLSNAPS !!!!!!!!!!!

    • FizzPop


  • Raedwulf

    We get it, you’re leading in FIP

    • FizzPop

      MoonMoon isn’t anywhere on the leader board as far as I can see…
      You’re not the first to complain about their posts –

      @HoodieDog:disqus is moonmoon staff or something, that they don’t seem to be accumulating FIPs? I honestly don’t care about their posts, just the comments about MoonMoon are pretty annoying – particularly the assumption that they’re trying to “out-do” everyone.
      I don’t get it.

      • HoodieDog

        lol, MoonMoon is staff.

        • Sirperry

          Can you train moonmoon to not post things that were posted within the last week?

          • HoodieDog

            In fairness, all the curators do that unintentionally.

          • Sirperry

            Shouldn’t they be watching for such things before posting? Moonmoon is really bad for it(sometimes hours apart!) I’d expect staff to be held at a higher standard than the general public for such things?

          • HoodieDog

            That’s our intent. We don’t always execute it well.

          • Sirperry

            This is where the training comes in 😉

  • Patchy

    Left Twix! Right Twix! Why not both???

  • sniz_and_fondue
  • Johnny Alpha

    Left! Right! In the middle!

  • Shivers
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