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  • Jake

    What its like owning your own small business.

    • perthaussieguy

      From someone who’s been self employed for over 14 years I can say that’s it’s been great for me. It hasn’t made me rich but I’ve always been able to pay my bills and have money left over. The weeks can vary so you need to keep an eye on the cash flow. That’s probably been the most difficult thing to juggle.

    • Johnny Alpha

      I used to run a prawn trawler in Oz, it was heaven & hell at the same time. Wouldn’t do it again but happy for the memories. As PAG says, got to keep an eye on the finances and enjoy what you do! Good luck if you go down that route ;D

  • sniz_and_fondue

    Happiest day of a boat owner’s life is the day he buys it, and the day he sells it…

  • Amber Mari

    If I were the IRS guy, my soul would leave my body on a quest to figure out what in the whole fuck just happened here and if it actually did happen (like in reality, did that happen)… I have NO comeback or even basic defense skills for something like that. I’d just leave mentally and then physically.

  • Patchy

    Yeah, like the IRS gives a shit about how much you pay your employees. They only care about how much taxes are getting taken out of those earnings.

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