The smallest “awoo” (with sound)

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  • Amber Mari

    Whatever it wants, just do it already. I mean, if I was at the point where that is all I could muster, it’d mean I’m exhausted from asking 100x. *half sarcasm* I’m starting to get sick of people making their pets beg for stuff so they can video it to get internet famous. YOU AREN’T even the one getting internet famous, your dog is. And even so, NOBODY is gonna see your dog in the street and be like “Oh! That’s the tiny awoo dog!” Any brown husky can be tiny awoo dog. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe tiny awoo just awoo’d just because it is a woo. But some of these types of videos annoy the shit out of me because I’m sure the owner wouldn’t be doing that if they weren’t recording it for the internet and attention.

    • Amber Mari

      And side note: I’m leaving to go somewhere where I will have no internet for the weekend, but I am still open to someone telling me how I am just being overly sensitive about this. On one hand, I hope I am just reading WAY too much into this and need to mind my business. But on the other, I’m wondering if anyone else thought this too.

      • Andre Poreskin

        I feel ya. I hope the awoo was just because and not elicited from duress.

  • Mike Rawlins


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