This email from one of my classmates before finals

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  • perthaussieguy

    Sounds more like the guy goofed off most of the time and is now panicking …. ?

    • lizziesmama

      Yep, most professors will let you know what you need to know.

  • Amber Mari

    Usually going to the light when you’re in your darkest hour means you gon’ die.

  • Daemonius

    You would think that the test would be different in many ways on the second time…

  • RitcherB

    Cannot identify, I didn’t see any difficulty while studying my carreer, but in like two subjects out of 200

  • RC

    The tests aren’t a taken at the same time?
    Here everyone taking the exam sits it at the same time so there can be no option to pass on help. Everyone in the entire UK.

    • Anna Troll

      Yeah, there are classes scheduled at different times and and so they take the rete during the regular scheduled class time. It sounds like he knows these guys from a study group for that particular class/other scheduled classes on the same subject.

      • RC

        That sounds open to abuse.
        Here, for example, the GCSE maths higher level is taken at 9am on monday….for everyone.

      • Phoenyx

        Over here at University of Michigan, exams are scheduled based on the time of the first section of a class, so all of my students take the exam at the same time.

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      The way my college does it is based on the time of your classes. So that if the class is offered at two times back-to-back, the exams are usually on different days

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