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  • Inaba

    alot of the times your twin is just a painful tumor full of bone remnants giving you cancer and other diseases

    • Я Безымянный

      Even if born separated.

      • Inaba


    • lizziesmama

      I thought that was a spouse.

      • Gregor

        Spouses are self-inflicted

  • Amber Mari

    “This condition can’t be cured” Ummmm… I’m 100% sure I’ve seen mad conjoined twins separated successfully mad times. (For those of you not from new york, mad = many)

    • seth clammy

      can it mean that this separation can’t be done with just medication, without surgery?

  • Kate Blackwell

    I remember a story of a guy having stomach pains or something? Goes to the doctors and turns out it was caused by the remains of his brother stuck inside him – so yea, checks out.

  • MrPotato

    Also known as hipsters

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