Who wore it better?

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21 points
  • perthaussieguy

    A few minutes later, the girl in the right hand photo was attacked by dozens of rabbits in a snack attack

    • Fokke

      “Lettuce eat that dress!” – rabbits probably

      • perthaussieguy

        Why? …..Just ‘cos

      • PATMAN

        Oh, that was good.

  • Riechart

    So I have logged in with disqus and into lolsnaps and it still will not let me post an image. What am I missing? Keeps saying you must be looked into to post an image?

    • Riechart

      And since we are answering questions (hopefully) Why do I have to log in on every page?

      • Riechart

        SO…….. I guess we are not answering questions.

  • Nipplyfingers McGuinness

    the asian one

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