So uhhh…. It’s almost 2am, and I heard a BOOM! thought I was gonna die

Also, yes, that is my actual closet,  and yes I did paint that before I knew the consequences of gabbing to paint over it in the future. If only I had listened to my mom and my body and went through and threw out those damn clothes that don't fit! I'm going out of town for the weekend and can't even begin to fathom how to begin to even assess this situation. Open to suggestions 

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  • Amber Mari

    Seriously you guys… the fucking rod is wedged like that. Do i take all the clothes off first? How do i even do that? There’s Hella shoe boxes under that disaster. And where do I even put the clothes if not in the closet?

    • RC

      Take others off and lay them on the bed.
      Remove rod.

    • It’s not like you have to take the clothes out and leave them there; fixing that rod takes a few minutes and you can pile your stuff back in afterwards.

      • Amber Mari

        True, true…. even if I have to leave it for when my super fixes it that still works.

    • Zund

      First get some medium sized boxes. Then start taking clothes off the rod, looks like it might be easier to start on the left and move right. Any clothes that you want to keep goes on your bed, any clothes that you haven’t worn in a year goes in the boxes. Boxes go to local salvation army, Goodwill, church whatever.

      Need a picture of where the rod was mounted to figure out what is needed to rehang the rod.

      PS the shelf looks like it is bowing, you might what to look into that before it falls as well.

      • Anna Troll

        One trick: when you put them back in, turn the hangers so they’re facing the wrong way. After a year, the hangers that are still turned backwards are the ones that need donating.

      • Amber Mari

        dammit. At least I did just donate shoes from there last month

    • Anna Troll

      For the shoes: turn the labels so they face the back of the closet. At the end of the year, those that you can’t see the label on, need to be donated.

      • Amber Mari

        I get what your saying…. but what I have left, are like…. once in a lifetime finds.

        • Anna Troll

          Myeh, your choice. Perhaps invest in a shoe tree/shoe hanger.

    • perthaussieguy

      All the clothes have to come off the rail. All the boxes have to come off the shelf. If possible turn the shelf over, it’s bowed a bit. You really need to run some lengths of timber on the sides, the front and the back under the shelf for support. The side and back timber supports need to be fixed to the wall. Doesn’t look like the rail is bent so either reuse the same holes but drill a bit deeper and use longer/larger gauge screws and plugs or drill new holes (better option) Looks like you have a centre support for the rail, adding and extra one wouldn’t hurt.
      Send me a plane ticket and I’ll do it for free for you 😀

      • Amber Mari

        This all sounds like so thoroughly much that I’d honestly rather have to fix something on my car right now over this. Like, I hate to have to deal with sudden, unlikely catastrophes cuz it takes me a full 27 hours to come to grips with the fact that I (I IN ALL CAPS) am the one who is responsible for handling it. I can’t even tell you how many times I sat next to something get wrecked and I just mentally left the room hoping it was a dream?

        • Andre Poreskin

          Sometimes you just have to go through the stages of Oh FUCK, before you can properly deal with fuckity problems.

          • perthaussieguy

            Yeah…. I often handle the ‘Fuckity problems’ for other people. They love the way that they can pass the problem onto someone else. Mind you, there have been some problems I have had to say to them that it’s more than I can handle (electrical/plumbing/structual) but will recommend someone with the correct skills and experience to handle them.

    • Sirperry

      You go away for the weekend, pretending it never happened, and deal with it next week.

  • Amber Mari

    Ya’all… I’m so mad at myself for seeing this picture of a collapsed closet and being like “Oh, this person has the same problem I do, maybe I can get some advice…………………
    ………………..n***a that is YOUR CLOSET.” I totally forgot about post my first original post.


    *Muffled laugh* at Amber….. (sorry hun)

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Well, I’m cleaning off my night table today, and man does it look clean now. Something that will help is to take all the clothes out. If it’s something you haven’t touched in years, and won’t wear in the future, put it into a bag and give it to charity

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