Can relate. Had to ask my mom and 3 aunts how many s’s were in Marissa. Got different answers, the consensus was 2.

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  • Johnny Alpha

    WTF!!? “I’m 18 and had to ask my parents how to spell my name” ??

    • Amber Mari

      Yes. I don’t ever use my middle name to ever have to spell it. My whole life, probably wrote my middle name about 7 times total. So excuse me for forgetting if there were 1 or 2 r’s or 1 or 2 s’s. and by the way, I was 25.

  • Cayne

    in my family anything like that we would take to mom.

    • Amber Mari

      I did first, but she didn’t sound confident enough for me to believe what she said.

    • Dragonofarbitration

      Or, or check your birth certificate.

      • Cayne

        tell me… who are the ones in charge of that when you are born?

        • gabe

          the doctors/nurses… they dont always ask how to spell a name

          • Cayne

            the doctors and nurses give a paper to the parents to fill out the doctors and nurses only do it if the parents aren’t willing or able

          • gabe

            Yes the two people i know of who have wrongly spelled names were when the mother was given some real good drugs and couldnt focus on the pages and the other mother cant read, Hermine become Hermile, and i have no idea what the other name was supposed to be.

  • Amber Mari

    So now u all know where the Mari comes from. Chopped my whole name in half.

    • PATMAN

      So, Marimari, then? 😉

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I have a boring middle name with one spelling. My first name is the one with the rare spelling, but I know how to spell that

    • Gnome Anne

      My middle name is what is considered the masculine spelling of a name that can be used for either sex. It would have been my middle name if I was born with XY genes as well.

  • Daniel Emberton

    john…its john. lol

  • Rebecca Golden

    Go with your mom, she’s probable right.

    My stepbrother needed to have his middle name at school so he texted dad asking how to spell it because my step mom wasn’t answering.

    My dad answered “Micheal’

    No, dad, that is not how you spell Michael.

  • Shivers

    If you’re 18 and your parents haven’t entrusted you to keep your own birth certificate yet… you’re going to have problems in life.

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