So, is this a front flip or a back flip?

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  • outspokenpariah

    Neither. It is witchcraft

  • Arse Clown

    thats awesome

  • Entity
  • Tanya Wicht


  • Mike Rawlins

    As stated by quantum physics it doesn’t matter which way the subatomic particles move through time, nor where they appear from, or end up at. Eg. a positron can be considered as an electron moving backwards in time. A photon can take a trip propably around the whole universe and still somehow interfere with its closest neighbour right here and now, on your lab test device. The weirdest conception mankind has ever imagined. Yet, it’s true and proven. Richard Feynman!

    Many of you propably think I am being so weird again…


  • Karen

    Who cares? It’s awesome.

  • YesThisIsBob

    Technically it’s an inward flip.

  • Justin_snap

    A blurdulip that is.

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