I might be callin’ you a liar

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  • Daupkee

    Crocs haters are very loud about it.

    • Johnny Alpha

      & some are cunts

    • Glaarg

      …and I am a vaping vegan riding a tall bike…none of those are loud about it /s 🙂

      Truly though, my old friend (77) said “crocks – no socks!”
      I am approaching old age myself and socks can be a bitch.

      …and I wear MANDALS! Not crocks and without socks.

  • Tryp

    Hey, you can find them ugly as hell and comfortable as fuck at the same time lol

  • OhPoop

    I don’t like the looks of them, but they don’t have my foot size for me to tell you how they feel.

  • Daemonius

    I have a pair that I use occasionally. But never in public.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Well, Deadpool apparently wears them

  • Ara Raven

    They’re perfect gardening and boating shoes.

    And they actually make some extremely attractive styles.

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