There’s always someone out there trying to move in on your space

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5 points
  • Harsh Puppy

    … and I’m the bacteria.

    • Shivers

      Do you meet the criteria to justify bacteria hysteria? Are you cafeteria listeria?

      • Harsh Puppy

        I dunno, but younger me killed 99.9% of my chances with women.

  • Johnny Alpha

    fer fuck sake – hot water will kill 99% bacteria

    ad slaves

    • Xaephys

      Read that as “add slaves” lol

      • Johnny Alpha

        I was ‘slightly’ pissed-up when I wrote it – but it is one of my favourite bug-points!! Human micro-biota (choose spelling) can easily come in at over 2kg for an average person – but the premise remains, “we can’t live without bacteria”!! Here’s to our guts and the walking zoo we are ;D

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